Well, it’s my last week with Josh. He slept through the night ‪7 pm-6.30 am‬ at exactly four weeks old – yay!   It should be an easy week for me, making sure his sleep pattern sticks and becomes habitual.

Josh’s wind issues became problematic with his ability to feed, developing huge air bubbles and deep belly burps while feeding.  At week two I put Josh on Biocare’s Baby bio flora probiotic powder.  Probiotics are very easy to use, a scoop ( which is provided) in one bottle each day. They are first introduced to bacteria through the birth canal, the bacteria is then fed to help them multiply and set up house by prebiotics which is part of the make up of breast milk. Biocare baby bio flora also contains prebiotics to do the same thing. This is why I recommend helping a newborn’s gut with a course of probiotics for all my babies who are bottle fed or born by C section and therefore not flushed with bacteria during birth. Regardless of how your newborn arrives into the world, any newborn or infant that has excess wind or digestive issues will benefit from a boost of good bacteria via probiotics.

My routine, even if breast feeding, introduces one bottle a day before bed so is also easy to factor into your routine if breastfeeding. Josh is bottle fed however.  By week four Josh had digestively calmed down, his feeding less erratic which meant less wind.  He has also increased his milk intake greatly and his stomach seems to have strengthened.  He still burps like a truck driver!  No offence to all you truckers out there.

Another wind remedy available is Infacol which works when babies have small air bubbles.  This usually happens when a newborn is being fed on demand and having lots of small snacks instead of spaced out meals. You can sometimes feel the air bubbles as a flurry of air when holding your baby.  Infacol helps bind the small air bubbles together to come up as one big air bubble and burp.  If however your baby has large air bubbles, deep belly burps, Infacol will have the reverse effect so will not work and can make the problem worse. Unlike probiotics, Infacol is not getting to the root of any digestive issue or benefiting your baby’s digestive system but more of a sticking plaster until your baby reaches the age of self winding and more developed gut from week 8-12.

A good winding technique is necessary so always make sure your baby is awake while being winded.  Check out my video page for technique.

Babies are also heat sensitive so where possible strip down to vest for day feeds. Wake your baby up and wind regularly when showing signs of falling asleep or comfort sucking whilst feeding.

Probiotics are also my first port of call with reflux symptoms. This won’t always cure but will boost baby’s natural ability to get through this common newborn digestive problem and not to mention help your baby get a good start with housing lots of lovely beneficial bacteria who may pay a huge part on your child’s onward health.

Charmian Mead can help and consult on Baby Digestion and Feeding Support – working with parents which helps to achieve a good nights sleep!