I’ve broken my record!  Elodie has been sleeping through the night from 8 days old, knocking little Lottie Fishbourne off the top spot at 14 days
old. Now, I didn’t want to shout about it straight away just in case the routine didn’t stick, but at two weeks old I think I can safely say my work here is done.
Elodie was born weighing 8lbs 15oz/ 3.8kg.
I arrived in Barnes within 24 hours of Elodie being born.  She was born at home so I was able to get straight to work with a good plan for mother and baby which was simply start the establishing breastfeeding routine, encouraging a good milk supply and making sure Elodie actively sucked when put to the breast. Of course, being born at such a great weight means she has the stomach capacity to drink enough milk to take most of her needed milk intake during the day and It does help that she also has a good appetite to do this. Often appetite is the winning factor to milk intake not the size of the stomach. I often have twins where the smaller twin drinks more milk than the bigger twin. A baby is an individual and milk intake which is based on 150-200mls per kg should be taken as a guideline. Giving more milk per feed during day light hours means your baby will naturally demand and need less milk at night.
Elodie has taken well to the routine and has been easy to keep awake during her set play/awake times. Elodie’s mother, Lucy, has been dedicated to the routine which again makes all the difference to how quickly it works.  There has been plenty of time for skin on skin cuddles too.
So there you have it, sleeping 12 hours through the night at 8 days old-Yey!
7pm to 7am Sleeping Baby Routine is available now to help your little one sleep peacefully at night.