So I am on my fourth week with Daisy, she is the windiest baby I have ever looked after! You may have noticed winding and digestion being a running theme here? Newborns are born with no bacteria in their guts. It takes three years to reach a gut full of handy, immune friendly microbes which aid digestion. During the newborn phase, a baby is unable to wind themselves so wind and digestion is usually problematic.
Daisy does release the air easily so it’s not an issue getting the burps up or causing pain as it passes through.  She is waking between 2.30-3.30am every night after going to bed at 7.30pm. I expect this night feed to gradually get later through the night until she sleeps through the night at her own pace.
When establishing a sleep routine you are effectively setting your baby’s body clock and teaching the difference between night and day.  Babies get used to being fed around the same times daily and when learning to sleep through the night they sometimes get stuck around the same time each night. Some babies are so precise, they wake up to the minute!  A baby is encouraged to sleep through the night at its own pace but be forever moving in the night even if that means waking earlier so as to not get stuck at the same time.
To be continued