It’s safe to say it’s a personality thing and not digestion which was mine and Antonia’s gut feeling all along but you have to check these things as it’s not normal for a baby in my care to be so grumpy and unable to be put down for five minutes.  So this week we tried cranial osteopathy and feeding techniques used for babies with reflux, as she only likes being held in a certain way, to no avail but, on a positive note, she has had some happier periods but still has a temper.  Today I put her down whilst she was calm and surrounded her with black and white pictures and music.  She belted out a scream until I picked her up which was a mere 3 minutes later and she immediately beamed a smile and cooed at me. I think it’s safe to say she has no digestive issues and has been slightly spoilt by being carried around all day and picked up as soon as she yelps. This makes for a more demanding baby who, like Claudia, does not want to be put down.  Still she will be strong in character which will get her far in life!