Yay!  Claudia is starting to like the company of her mobile, tummy time and a few black and white toys.  After a few consistent exercises of calming techniques she is doing well . She still gets her cuddle time of course but this now means that Mum can get dressed and have breakfast.

As Claudia has now been sleeping through the night for a while, we have now transferred her from Moses basket to her cot but still swaddled at night.  In a week it will be a good time to start taking away the swaddle.  To do this, I would swaddle with her top arm out and see how she goes with that, then swaddle just her body to still give her comfort.  The next step is to take it away completely and move her into a baby sleeping bag.

This is my final week with Claudia and I have to say I’m a little sad as I know this is the last time with the family as Claudia is their fourth child. I’ve routined three of the four children and it is so lovely to come back and see them and how they are turning out.  They all still sleep solidly, lol!  Joking aside it’s been wonderful!!  As a maternity nurse, you enter someone’s life at a very special and emotional time, make bonds and then have to leave…. sad but rewarding to leave with mission completed!  Next stop Hampshire and a four week premature baby ……….