Finding the right teat for your baby’s suck is important and can make all the difference to how well your baby feeds.  The bottle itself is not so important.  All the anti-colic valves and wind reducing bottles are a bit of a selling gimmick.  I usually start with the Avent Classic  bottles, the size 1 teat has a steady flow but I prefer the Mam teat which fits on the Avent Classic bottle and is a better shape and fits perfectly in your baby’s mouth.  The Mam bottles are a bit fiddly as they have a valve at the base of the bottle which leaks when warming milk.

Always start with slow flow 0 or number 1 teat.

If your baby is taking an age to drink and is putting effort into sucking, the flow in the teat may be too slow then move to a larger teat, number two or medium flow.  This is usually not necessary until they are over 8-12 weeks. If your baby is drowning in milk, leaking from out of the sides and gulping, the teat is probably too fast.  A baby’s suck can change as they grow, it can become stronger or weaker.  If you are combining breast and bottle, having a teat which is too fast flowing will make your baby lazy on the breast.

Top tip –

Feeding position is important. A baby’s body is supported by a pillow from the base of the spine to the top of their head. A gap of 1-2 inches from chin to chest to make sure your baby’s airways are open.

wind your baby every 1/2- 1oz ( 15-35mls) in the first four weeks of life for a premature baby or sensitive digestion and every 1oz/ 35mls for a straight forward digestion – regular winding will make for happy feeds, play time and peaceful sleep. The less air in the tum the more room for milk!