An update is in order I think!  After a lovely two week break, I am back helping babies sleep 12 hours through the night and back in London again.

Al was three and a half weeks old on my arrival, waking two to three times a night.  Having followed my advice before my arrival, Al’s day is well structured, feeding every three and half hours and good awake time after feeds.  He, like a lot of babies, has wind issues. Al breathes through his mouth while feeding so makes a lot of noise and sucks in air. He is unable to circular breathe so feeding and sucking is erratic.

Al is formula fed. 99% of my clients breast feed but sometimes it’s just not an option. Firstly, I changed the feeding teat to a Mam teat.  This fits better in his mouth so he doesn’t suck air around it.  I then upped his milk intake during the day feeds and decreased the night feed milk.  I encouraged longer awake time at each period and swaddled him at night.  This resulted in his first night with me, waking only once for a quick 4oz feed.  Result!!!

Al is a long and big baby and is hungry for his milk, finishing most feeds in 20 minutes- this is super fast!  With such a big appetite it may take a while for him to go through the night. Do check me out on twitter for instant updates and useful baby info.