Wow I did it!  I have to say Rosie and Jake were a little tricky.  It’s much harder getting different sex twins sleeping through together, especially those with reflux! Girls are easier and need less food, boys need more reassurance so in the end I had to separate them at night for a while as Jake had been waking at 3.30am every night and waking Rosie, who most certainly was ready to sleep through.  A few tweaks to Jake’s routine and he is now sleeping 12 hours.   At first he woke and grizzled but settled unaided until the morning which then led to sleeping through.  Yay!

They are such little bundles of joy and smiling at everything in sight.   I certainly had a little blub on leaving them.  I don’t know what it is about twins, maybe the fact that I started my maternity care  with twins, a greater sense of  achievement in getting them sleeping through the night or maybe that they are simply incredibly gorgeous!