Kitty is now latching on the breast well and only occasionally takes a minute or two to find where she’s supposed to be going.  Once latched she would quite happily guzzle for 15 minutes without stopping, so we have to break her to wind or it becomes impossible to get the air up.  Kitty’s mum developed mastitis eight days in, due to exhaustion and lactation happening so quickly but a dose of antibiotics has come to the rescue.  Most new mother’s can take weeks to establish a good milk supply and struggle to meet baby’s demand.  We have quite the reverse here, not over producing  milk at the moment but keeping a watch on it.

Kitty, at the end of her first week home, is waking once in the night for a feed between 7.30pm and 7.30am.  She is on track to sleep through the night by the time I leave at week four.  She is one of the most relaxed babies I have looked after.  Most babies cry when being dressed, having a nappy change or a bath but little Kitty just looks around happily taking in her new environment.  She hasn’t reached her three week growth spurt yet, so it could all be about to change.