Newborn rashes and skin changes are normal in the first few months of life due to hormone changes.  When babies are born naturally and being breastfed they are flushed with hormones, one of which is  estrogen.  The signs, in both male and female babies, are a broad-bean or implant like lump positioned under the breast and/or a swelling in the genital area.

Newborn rash and skin changes start around  week 3-5  as hormones start to leave your baby’s body and skin changes appear, working its way up the face and down the body.  At this time skin  becomes paler in colour and dry and flaky, especially around the hairline.   Although rashes are sometimes unsightly baby is unaffected by it.  If you are lucky your baby may have a few spots which leave after a week but others may last a month or so.

Seek advice form your GP for severe rashes and eczema.  Using  Diprobase ointment and Aveeno is quite good for basic spots but one of my favourite products is Child’s Farm which has been specifically developed for baby eczema.  I also like coconut oil for moisturizing the whole body.

Other skin changes around this time are flaking of the scalp and a build up of waxy skin which forms from the eyebrows up and can cover the entire head.  This waxy skin can become crusty, what a delight!!  As the scalp flakes it can take the hair with it and cause a receding hairline and temporary baldness.  On the first sign of flaking I like to apply a hair mask to the baby’s head at bath time using a thick cream like E45.  Massage using your fingers and then wipe away after the bath, leaving the residue to moisturize.

To treat the eyebrows and forehead get a tiny drop of coconut oil on your finger and massage the area with small circular motions which, as it sinks in, will lift and exfoliate the skin. The baby facial!