My Top 5 Must Buys for New Parents


I’ve been helping new parents get established with their new babies for over 20 years and, with every booking, I give out my equipment list.  This list is not only the essentials a family will need for the coming months with a newborn but my tried, tested and favourite brands and products.

Having a baby is big business with  so many gizmos and gadgets out there to choose from, some really useful and others not so much.

In my opinion, these are the Top 5 Must Buys  for New Parents ..

1. Moses Basket.

The good old fashioned Moses basket is still the best place to sleep your baby in the first two months.  It comes with a stand and you can either have the basket beside your bed or placed in the cot.  Babies sleep better in a smaller space in the first 2-3 months, where they can be tucked in firmly and secure and unable to roll around. I recommend the Kinder Valley Moses Basket or the  Clair de Lune Moses Basket.

2.  Angelcare Bath Seat

The Angelcare bath seat sits in the bath and can be used until your baby can sit with support.  No need for breaking your back over the bath or baby bath.  This seat allows you to bath your baby hands free and either kneel or sit beside the bath to wash your baby and watch him splash around.  It goes without saying, you must never step away from your baby while bathing3. Medela Electric Breast Pump.

Electric pumps are better for stimulation and extraction.  A good pump can boost your milk supply and help you understand your natural milk flow and supply. Medela has two great pumps, the Harmony, which you can buy off the shelve or, the mother of all pumps, the Symphony, which is available to hire.

4. Miracle Blanket Swaddle.

I’m developing The Sleeping Baby swaddle at the moment, so watch this space! On the market at the moment, the Miracle blanket is brilliant being the ideal shape and stretchy material.   Swaddling helps babies sleep while feeling secure and cuddled and sleep soundly.

5. City Mini GT Pram and Buggy.

This brilliant piece of kit is cheaper than most popular prams, is a three wheeler, has an adjustable handle to suit all heights, has easy access large storage, an inbuilt rain cover, is super light and folds flat in a simple click.  It’s also available as a twin buggy.  I have used a lot of prams in my 20 years of caring for newborns and this has been a firm favourite for a few years now! The single City Mini GT Pram  and Baby Jogger Double Stroller are both available on Amazon.

Happy Shopping!