Top 5 Baby Skincare Products

All of my baby skincare recommendations have been tried, tested and used by myself on hundreds of babies in my care.  I test and use new products all the time but I keep coming back to these wonderful lotions and potions. The key thing for me is natural, gentle ingredients that work, and of course, smell amazing.

1. Organic Coconut Oil.  This is my go to all-rounder for moisturising. It smells great, is more nourishing than olive oil, and doesn’t have the salad dressing smell!  Newborns shed their first layer of skin and are often born with dry, cracked skin with the skin around the scalp being thicker. Coconut oil is great at helping exfoliate this thicker, waxy like skin by gently massaging your baby’s scalp with your fingertips in a circular motion.

2. Child’s Farm. This British, award winning brand was formulated by Joanna Jenson for her own children to provide a natural effective skincare range. Child’s Farm products are gentle and amazing on eczema prone and dry skin.  It works well on adult eczema too!

3. Weleda Calendula Face Cream. Another wonderfully natural cream that smells delicious and helps protect cheeks against winter weather when out and about in the pram. I’m a fan of Weleda’s whole calendula baby range, including the body wash and body cream.

4. Mustela Newborn Shampoo and Body Wash. I have been using Mustela for years! You don’t need to wash your baby every day even if you bath every day as part of your routine but Mustela is gentle enough to do so. Mustela’s cradle cap range is also great. I would say that for me Mustela has a more masculine smell which is perfect for the little men in your life!

5. Burt’s Bees Baby Oil.  This beautiful smelling, luxurious oil is great for massage pre or post bath time. Daily massage as part of your baby’s bedtime routine helps calm your baby as well as recognise that bedtime is approaching. Massaging your newborn also stimulates and supports emotional development.