My Top Nappy Recommendations

Best for overnight and the most absorbent are 100% Pampers Baby Dry. Even though they

have a misleading blue line indicator which encourages you to change your newborns nappy more frequently than needed, therefore having to buy more nappies – they are still the best in my opinion, certainly for overnight protection and keeping bums free of that super uncomfy nappy rash.⁣

Most economical are Aldi Mamia. These are so much cheaper than Pampers and are award winning! They are slightly less absorbant compared to Pampers, so you will need to change more frequently.⁣

The best environmentally-friendly deposable nappies are Eco by Naty. They have no nasty chemicals, made with a plant-based material – but what you gain with organic materials you lose in absorption, so you do need literally twice as many nappies than Pampers.⁣

My suggestion would be to use a Pampers nappy at night until out of the newborn stage, and then move to a more environmentally nappy by day!⁣ The next step after that would be when you feel you have less nappy activity, look into a non disposable option.⁣