A study into the success of baby names has revealed the surprising success of several popular names, with John for boys and Kim for girls having the most awards.

As soon as a newborn enters the lives of loving parents, they are both winners. However, a study looking into the names of award winners and gold medallists has shown that some names have a history of winning.

The rather unscientific study, went through the names of over 2000 successful people in the sports and entertainment world and counted up the number of people who won one or more major awards, including Oscar winners, Olympic Gold Medallists, Grammy award winners.

The results are not entirely surprising, as common names over the last 30 years have naturally gravitated to the top of the list. For boys, John was a runaway winner with 29 winners having that name, although David and George also appeared with over 20 names. For girls, there was a more diverse set of names, with only Kim, Mary and Laura having more than ten winners each.

The study isn’t very helpful for choosing common names, but it is interesting to see how times have changed. None of the three top female names are in the top 100 list of baby girl names by the Office of National Statistics, and whilst George was number 2 of the boys’ list, this could be because of young Prince George.

Names are exceptionally precious, but they should be meaningful to you and that is more important than success or popularity or anything else.

My name is Charmian Mead, I am a baby sleep consultant, with the premisses that “becoming a parent doesn’t have to mean sleep deprivation”.