Wanna know what to buy and what not to buy? Check out this little snippet of my essential shopping list..

Although these days more than half of my work is spent helping families remotely or part of a parenting package, with every maternity booking I give out my equipment list.

This list contains only the essentials of tried and tested products that I use and is updated whenever I find a better product.

The baby world is big business and new parents can be lured into buying all sorts of products that they may never use or work as well as they should. Here a few of The Sleeping Baby Routine’s favourites and not so favourites.

Now don’t get upset if you have any of these not so favourite products, each to there own and they could work very well for you and your baby, this list is based on my routine for newborns.

My sleep must haves:

The Miracle Blanket Swaddle @miracleblanket This swaddle will see a baby from birth to 4/5 months of age. It does exactly what a swaddle is supposed to do!

Crib with a thick mattress. My favourite crib is the Chicco @chiccointernational next to me crib, mainly due to the size and also it comes with a thick mattress as standard. The thickness of the mattress makes a bed more comfortable but also enables you to tuck a baby in securely.

The Snuzpod @snuzpod which is also very popular, their standard mattress is very thin and hard, so do consider ordering one of their thicker upgraded mattresses.

Sleep products I don’t recommend 🤦‍♀️

The Sleepy head. Sorry about this as I know most new parents buy this! BUT, it’s too enclosed around a baby’s face which makes a snug sleep are, but I like to focus on a snug fit around the body, in a secure sleep position. With this bit of kit you are unable to tuck a baby in properly so you loose that feeling of security that works so well with the swaddle. It also doesn’t work long term.

Large Muslin squares marketed and used as a swaddle. A Muslin won’t hold in the same way and therefore won’t do the job of a swaddle as it easily unravels or rises up around the neck and face. The material has no stretch which is important for a swaddle.

Feeding favourites:

A feeding pillow makes breastfeeding easier, a baby is well supported and leaves you one hand to prompt for active feeding. I recommend two, @mybreastfriend and a half moon pillow which is also useful for bottle feeding.

@tommeetippeeuk bottle warmer. The easiest method of heating a bottle but more so to keep milk warm during a feed.

A strong electric breast pump. @medela Medela symphony hire double pump or Lasinhol Lansinoh®️ – Breastfeeding Products Supporting your Breastmilk Feeding Lifestyle double pump which has the added benefit of a timer.

My must not haves:

Perfect prep formula making machine. Only because it’s not so perfect in the sense that milk temperature is often too cool for the newborn stage so I need to then warm the milk further and I think making a bottle up as advised in my book, is just as quick but resulting in the perfect temperature.

Ready to drink formula . This to me is the fast-food of formula as it contains higher levels of preservatives. Like the pouches and jars of the baby food world, anything that can be kept on a supermarket shelf for weeks even months can’t be great.

Elvie breast pump. This one I’m most sorry to burst the bubble on, but it’s not all bad as this high tech piece of kit could be handy when travelling and during the baby stage when already well established with a good milk supply.

During the newborn stage and on my breastfeeding routine, expressing is important to increase milk supply during the day and understand you personal supply and flow. You need an efficient, strong pump to do this and unfortunately the Elvie doesn’t have the capability of stimulation and draining the breast.