Being around babies gives us a song in our hearts, and many of us cannot help but sing to
our babies.

Whether we sing lullabies or songs that mean a lot to us, babies will pick up and learn so
much from us. Here are just a few of the ways singing to your baby helps them develop
later in life.

Learning Cadence

Language has a rhythm to it, especially when we sing to babies. Different words leave the
mouth and hit the ear in different ways and babies can learn this naturally through song.

According to the NHS, singing, and talking in a musical voice helps maintain your baby’s
attention and lets them tune in to how language works, from sentences to syllables to
sibilance, as well as rhythm and rhyming.

Part Of Play

Play is a core part of how babies learn and develop, and singing as you play is not only fun
but helps to teach about sounds, music and listening.

Babies begin to tune in quickly to which sounds come from where and the more you sing
to them, the more they’ll turn their heads to listen.

Love And Care

One of the most important things in a baby’s emotional and social development is love.
Singing to a baby in a comforting, gentle tone (whether you’re in tune does not matter one
bit), helps them to feel safe, comforted and deeply loved, which as they are developing is
the most important feeling to have.

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