My 5 Top Tips to Avoid Sleep Regression

Keep your child’s routine progressing according to the stage they are at. For example, your newborn to baby to toddler to child’s needs for sleep will be gradually changing up until the age of 2-3.

Wean your baby when he or she is ready. Regardless of common advice to wait until month 6, the age range a child needs to move on to solid food will vary just like any other milestone. A baby can be ready and need heavier food from month four.

Check your child’s sleep environment, from room temperature to night lights. When transitioning from swaddle to sleeping bag you may want to check the room is warm enough. A newborn may need a room to be blacked out dark to recognise the difference between night and day but a toddler with a growing imagination and independent thoughts will often need a night light.

Manage the length of daily sleep, a baby or toddler having too much sleep by day will result in disturbed nights and those who have too little may become over tired and have exactly the same problem. It’s a balance!

Less is more.. don’t jump to your baby’s every cry and wait a few minutes to give the opportunity to settle on waking and going to sleep. Any night feeds or assistance to settle on waking should be quick, dark and no stimulation while consistent in approach. Set up a settling ritual for older babies and toddlers.