As a newborn digestion expert I’m frequently asked questions on baby possets, throw ups, gas and digestive issues. I thought I’d share a few posset questions with you.. 

Does a posset mean my baby is full? 

A posset is not an indication your baby being full, in fact a baby can posset every time they burp on as little as 30mls.  For some babies possets happen closer to the end of a feed with a higher level of gas with milk easily thrown back.  Some newborns posset constantly ( thank God for muslin squares! ) and others not at all. 

If my baby possets, does it mean he has burped?⁣

I’m afraid not, if you haven’t heard a burp then it’s unlikely to have come up.  A posset is thrown back with or without burping. 

Did You Know ?

Burping your baby effectively can reduce the amount of throw up or posset, as can the frequency of feeds and a gas free diet when breastfeeding. 

Some babies will posset or regurgitate constantly throughout the day, others not at all and some only while they are being winded during feeds. 

What’s a normal size posset? 

A posset is small amount of milk from a dribble up to around 15mls  – a common symptom of a immature gut and liquid diet.  A proper throw up or projectile vomit/ sicking up is in excess of 30ml. 

There are a number of reasons for a large throw up, such as wind/ gas, feeding too fast, sleepy feeding, reflux.  Newborns and babies throw up easily without distress ( unless it comes out of the nose ) so 

it’s unlikely the vomiting is due your newborn being ill.  My advice is to re- feed the milk lost when this happens especially when feeding on a routine. 

Full help and guidance investigating your baby’s digestion head over to my Consultancy page. 

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