I find there are two types of parents looking for a baby sleep consultant..

Those who want to start their parenting journey with a routine to encourage positive sleep associations from the off, promoting quality sleep and to discourage sleep issues developing later on down the line, and those who look for help as sleep issues arise, troubleshooting sleep regression or maybe weeks to months of sleep deprivation.

Did you know..

Encouraging positive sleep associations during the newborn stage is aimed at everything but sleep! 

 And parents seeking out an infant sleep consultant to troubleshooting or sleep train, having possibly hit a period of sleep regression or weeks to months of sleep deprivation, at the latter end of the baby to toddler stage. This approach to sleep can generally involve a complete change of routine. 

There are also different types of infant sleep consultants. Those who focus on sleep to sleep train once your baby is 5 months plus.

And those, like myself, with a holistic approach to teaching a progressive routine, or routine adjustments, to help support sleep, focusing on every part of a child’s daily routine and behaviour before setting out a sleep training plan.

On a daily basis I help newborns to toddlers, generally up to the age of 3 years, achieve quality sleep and easy settling.  In my experience the best time to book a baby sleep consultant is during the early weeks to set good settling and sleep habits by focusing on daily routine from digestion to sleep positions, or within days of sleep regression or disruption.  Dealing with sleep issues within days or weeks of it arising stops the sleep pattern becoming habit forming and will generally take less adjustments to regain sleep. 

The 7pm to 7am Sleeping Baby Routine progresses weekly with longer stretches of sleep achieved at your baby’s own pace during the newborn stage. To find out more? Grab a copy of the 7pm to 7am Sleeping Baby Routine or for 1:1 sleep support for you newborn to toddler, head to my consultancy and booking page.