Adjusting to everyday life after the birth of a baby has its challenges, especially if you’re a first time parent.  Although your main focus is the care of your baby, it’s important to take care of yourself.⁣

⁣Becoming a parent is a wonderful life changing experience.  For the first few weeks you’ll either be riding high with excitement and adrenalin for this amazing little human you’ve created, or you could be feeling completely overwhelmed and anxious because this amazing little human comes with a lot of new responsibilities!⁣

⁣Either way these new emotions, sleep deprivation and recovering from birth can mean you hit a big brick wall weeks into parenthood.  This can leave you with the baby blues, low mood and exhaustion. 

Here are my first 5 Top Tips to help the physical side of becoming a new Mum:

⭐️ Stay hydrated. Drinking 2-4 litres a day, towards 4 litres when focusing on lactation. 

⭐️ Rest and nap once a day. Set time for recovery and to help elevate the affects of sleep deprivation from night feeds. 

⭐️ Go to bed early. Don’t stay up for the first night feed. Try and get 8 hours sleep at night even with night feeds. Giving birth is a major operation which takes weeks to recover. When breastfeeding; your milk supply, energy levels and mood are impacted by how much sleep you get. 

⭐️ Meal and snack prep. Preparing meals and snacks in advance so you’re able to easily eat between feeds and at mealtimes without too much effort.  Before a feed prepare water and snack so you have everything you need.  

⭐️  Posture. Using a feeding pillow with the right posture will help elevate built up tension around your neck, back and shoulders from feeding.

I have put together a free support page for new and established parents which also includes a Newborn Baby e-Guide

If you are having issues with getting your newborn into a sleeping routine, checkout my Baby Sleep consultancy which includes remote and in-person support packages.