Part 2 , The Emotional

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And just like that … you’re a Mum, congratulations!!!

 Becoming a new Mum can feel like you’re riding an emotional roller coaster for a few weeks after your baby’s arrival. You may feel anxious at times, in a low mood or completely the other way, riding high on the adrenaline of this life changing experience.  These feelings are completely normal! 

Adrenaline, anxieties and tension may also stop you sleeping when your baby is sleeping.  Even the anticipation of your baby waking can cause tension and lack of sleep which affects your mood and milk supply.

Help & Advice – Establishing Breastfeeding and Lactation

So don’t be too hard on yourself, and make sure you are open with your partner, friends, family and health visitors with how you are feeling. Let people help you with the baby. Eat well and drink lots of water. Give yourself permission to cry and feel the feelings you need to feel.  A good cry maybe just what you need to reset. 

Sleep and Mental Health 

Sleep and mental health often go hand in hand, a bad night’s sleep could disrupt your mood with weeks and months of night feeds and poor sleep really taking its toll on a parent’s mental health.  Sleep is as important to our health as eating, drinking and breathing. It allows our bodies to repair and for basic, normal brain function.  

Sleep can also boost milk supply when breastfeeding, boost endorphins, help a speedier recovery after birth and help you cope with the work load of becoming a new parent. 

For your baby? Sleep increases growth and sets your baby up for positive long term sleep associations and habits.  A baby doesn’t always need to be feeding frequently through the night to increase growth. In fact given a sufficient daily calorie intake and long stretches of sleep boost weight gain and growth. 

Working with simple structures and routine can ensure long stretches of sleep day and night which is essential for recovery, physical and mental health. ⁣

7pm to 7am Sleeping Baby Routine will help with sleep deprivation as it encourages long periods of sleep during the day and night.⁣

I know sometimes it feels like there are not enough hours in the day, and especially for yourself! But it’s so important you look after you first.  

The 7pm to 7am Sleeping Baby Routine gives you the time to rest and look after yourself as your baby sleeps naturally for long naps and overnight. 

For a copy of my book or to discuss implementing a routine to work on digestion, feeding complications, routine and sleep book in for a chat. My most popular and successful option is the 5 day support package.

Happy Parenting!