Let’s talk baby growth spurts. 

Your new baby is growing fast with the first 6 weeks being the fastest rate of growth.  A newborn can have mini weekly growth spurts but the most dramatic and noticeable are at at around week 3,6 and 12.   

This is when a baby’s appetite can ramp up massively and milk intake needs to step up per feed,  wake windows may need to increase between feeds or your newborn may become super sleepy and impossible to keep wake for a few days.  

During these periods of growth I would advise keeping to your feeding plan but increasing milk volumes per feed and either keep to or extend wake windows rather than adding in extra feeds and having shorter wake windows. This would only regress your routine, lower milk intake and sabotage sleep long term. 

When breastfeeding it’s important to be aware of your milk supply and supplement when your baby is having a growth spurt, that’s if your milk supply can’t keep up.  It’s normal for your milk supply to vary throughout the day and take a while to catch up with your baby’s appetite and demand

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