Seeking help for baby sleep challenges can be a minefield, overwhelming due to so much conflicting advice, which can also be compounded by the emotional aspect, where parents may feel pressure to instinctively know how to best care for their child. Believing that following instincts can solve every sleep, feeding, or routine issue is akin to wishing for a superpower!

Whether you’re a first, second or third time parent, each child’s uniqueness means you’re constantly learning and your baby and toddler cues can often be misleading. 

Many parents, grappling with sleep deprivation, find themselves asking questions such as…

When do babies sleep 7pm to 7am?  

How do you get my baby to sleep 7pm -7am? 

How to get out baby to sleep without being held? And when will my baby self settle? 

The shock of sleep deprivation that accompanies the arrival of a new baby, potentially extending into toddlerhood, is a common experience. 

While individual sleep needs vary, and some people may cope better with lack of sleep than others, it’s undeniable that sleep deprivation significantly impacts every aspect of health, leading to both physical and mental strain. Sleep stands as one of the most crucial health benefits there is, aiding recovery from birth, boosting lactation, and benefiting both baby and parent. For all ages, sufficient sleep enhances mood, concentration, energy levels, and immune function. Establishing positive sleep habits in the early weeks can promote overall growth, milk intake, and help establish a day-night rhythm.

So, where can you find reliable sleep support? While friends, GPs, or health advisors can offer valuable insights, creating an effective settling and sleep plan often requires a tailored approach, considering the unique situation and pattern of each child.  

Sleep is influenced by numerous factors that evolve as your child grows. The newborn stage is as different to the baby stage as it is to the toddler stage, but what remains as a constant is the necessity of considering a baby’s or child’s overall routine and associations with sleep for any sleep strategy to be effective. Sleep training, for example, will not be successful if a child’s routine undermines it. Solely focusing on sleep without addressing aspects like milk or food intake, the overall routine, and settling methods is unlikely to result in long term success.

Just as you would seek out a personal trainer for fitness advice, a hair dresser for a new hair do or a plumber for plumbing issues, the best place for baby sleep help is a baby sleep consultant or expert* .  A sleep consultant with a track record of sleep success with thousands of babies and toddlers, is of course your best option. The type of support received can significantly impact the effectiveness of sleep solutions. While a single phone consultation may provide a good starting point, a comprehensive package can help identify and resolve underlying issues affecting sleep. A package over several days allows a plan to be implemented and then adapted if needed, depending on results. You can investigate and iron out several issues at once, such as: lactation and sleep, weaning and sleep or digestive issues and routine. 

So if you are looking to improve your whole family’s sleep habits or to encourage a self settling plan? You’ve come to the right place! 

The Sleeping Baby Routines’s most popular and successful package is the 5 Day Sleep Support Package, typically giving a 99% success rate in 3-5 days.

For the icing on the cake package? Add a 3 Hour Home Visit

It’s been just over a month that we have gotten help from Charmian for a 5 day sleep consultancy.
We struggled with sleep with our 5.5 months old as he was waking up feeding every 2 hours, would only contact nap in the day and co sleep at night. We thought we were at the point of no return but Charmian expertly guided us on overhauling his entire routine and he was sleeping through from day 1. Charmian’s kind and personalised approach made a tremendous impact on our day to day, as got exactly what we asked for and we now have a structured and balanced routine.
I would strongly recommend this sleep consultancy to anyone looking to have a baby, it changed our life as parents and we finally have time to ourselves and baby is thriving.

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