My 7pm to 7am Sleeping Baby Routine Book

The 7pm to 7am Sleeping Baby Routine offers flexible plans for breast, bottle and mixed feeding. The method was originally developed for twins and there’s a chapter dedicated to twin routine.

The routine has helped thousands of families over the last two decades to gain a better understanding of the newborn stage, feeding and of course SLEEP!

The first main focus of my method is newborn digestion – your newborn’s world is centred around feeding which has a big impact on their sleep.

The Sleeping Baby Routine Book

Becoming a parent need not mean sleep deprivation

The Sleeping Baby Routine Book next to a cute baby

This is not sleep training book but a complete guide and newborn manual:

  • No cry plan with sleep achieved naturally by focusing on your newborn’s digestion.
  • A flexible, holistic plan for calm, contented newborn to baby.
  • Guide to lactation and establishing breastfeeding from birth.
  • Promotes breastfeeding with a fed is best view.
  • Routines for breast, bottle and mixed feeding.
  • A progressive routine which develops weekly with your newborn’s digestion and abilities.

What parents are saying on Amazon

I bought this book to guide me with my newborn twins as I felt from talking to fellow twin mums it wasn’t realistic to follow a demand led pattern.

This book has given me sleep, sanity and most importantly two very calm little babies who are putting on weight nicely and thriving in every way.

Charmian Meads book completely saved us. It got my 6 week old into an amazing routine where she was happy as she was agitated before.

 It’s far more than just a routine because she looks into all the tertiary reasons to make the baby happy and settled around the clock.

I bought the sleeping baby routine after hearing about it from another sleep deprived first time mum. My husband and I can’t thank Charmian enough for her advice which helped our little girl sleep through the night at almost 8 weeks! The steps are easy to follow and make total sense. Highly recommended.