Charmian’s 12 Hour Sleep Solutions

As a sleep consultant, I offer a range of services to help support and guide you through the first hours, days and months – or even years – of your new arrivals. Maternity bookings can be made as early as 8 months in advance, home visits & last minute bookings are subject to availability. Troubleshooting solutions can start immediately with either consultation options. The Sleeping Baby Routine success is due to meeting your baby’s every need, teaching positive associations with feeding and settling with structured days and baby led nights. The results are 12 hour nights sleep as early as 6 weeks of age. Choose an option for your no cry, 12-hour sleep solution.


Despite my websites name, I am not only a sleep consultant. I also provide consulting on a wide range of parenting issues. Establishing a successful routine, settling , breastfeeding, lactation, bottle feeding, sleeping through the night, reflux and digestive issues, weaning from breast to bottle, weaning onto solid food, toddler and child behaviour, potty training and tantrums.

Advanced Bookings

To make an overnight booking, book 6-8 months in advance of your new arrival. Bookings start up to three weeks post birth for 3-6 weeks, 24-hour care, Monday to Friday live in. I help set up and teach my routine, leaving you with a fully recovered, happy, confident and thriving baby who sleeps through the night. The routine includes teaching successful breast feeding, bottle feeding, effective winding techniques, baby care and swaddling. In addition, teaching positive associations with feeding and settling to ensure a full night’s sleep.

Any emergency or last minute bookings are subject to availability.