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Overnight Bookings

Weekly Bookings of 3-8 weeks

Bookings are made in the early stages of pregnancy, 6-8 months in advance. Weekly bookings are usually 3-6 weeks for a single baby and 4-12 weeks for twins.  I offer 24-hour care for 4-5 days a week, this allows me to set up a great flexible routine which results in the parents and baby sleeping well at night. By helping to establish breastfeeding and teaching the tools needed to care for a new born, I leave parents confident, recovered and well rested. There will be no sleep deprivation on my watch!
After my contracted weeks I will then be available for continuing support if and when needed by telephone or email.

Please contact me for prices on 07946 270705 or email:

Advanced Bookings

Booking 24 Hours +

Booking a consultation of 24 hours up to three days means that I will not only be able to troubleshoot, set up a routine and teach techniques but it will also allow you to rest and recover if you are suffering from sleep deprivation. Having me to guide you and oversee changes means quicker results. Call now on 07946 270705 or click on the email link below to book a consultation