Success Stories

Cara Phillips 5 stars review of charmian  

Charmian came to us and implemented the sleeping baby routine very shortly after the birth of our third child and I can honestly say she made the experience of welcoming a new addition truly wonderful and a smooth transition for the whole family. My little boy has slept solidly though the night (7-7) since he was 8 days old, he is now 10 weeks old and we haven’t looked back! Charmian’s depth of knowledge when it comes to newborns is unbelievable and I have learnt so much. This is especially impressive considering this was my 3rd child and I thought I knew it all! I had used other well known routines with my first 2 however Charmian’s routine has ensured our baby has been a predictable happy, sleeping little boy from day 1. The routine is also flexible so I was able to adapt it to fit around my girls which was important to us. I will certainly be buying Charmian’s book for all of my pregnant friends and family from now on, it should be an essential on everyone’s new baby lists.

Cara Philips    February 6, 2018  
The Kennedy family  

Charmian came and looked after both our boys and has been nothing short of brilliant. My eldest son had a number of feeding difficulties including tongue tie and silent reflux. Within 24 hours of arriving Charmian had sorted out his routine and quickly got him sleeping through the night. We never looked back. Charmian also came and helped with our youngest and from the start (initially over the phone and then through a four week stint with us) got him into a solid routine. He has been sleeping through the night solidly since he was 5 weeks old and is a very happy, relaxed baby. We cannot recommend her more highly to any family.

Clare & Dominic Kennedy    June 25, 2017  

Charmian Mead is the Goddess of baby sleep.

You absolutely can get a full night’s sleep every night with a newborn baby or newborn twins! Follow Charmian Mead’s advice and your baby will undoubtedly sleep through the night 7pm-7am like ours.

Charmian stayed with us and trained me in her sleeping baby routine when our twin girls were 4 weeks old. They were sleeping through the night 7pm-7am by 7 weeks of age. They are now 2.5 years and the foundation of Charmian’s routine is still going strong. Unless poorly, they sleep through the night, 7-7, every night.

I loved the special time Charmian spent with us. She is very down to earth, caring and genuine. She also helped me with breast feeding challenges and was very supportive.

We now have a 5.5 month old baby boy and Charmian is now helping me remotely to get him into a routine (I have been very relaxed with this little one and consequently we are very tired). After just a few days of following Charmian’s instructions our little man has been going straight to sleep in his cot at 7pm and we have our evenings back! We are making great progress now towards him sleeping through the night in his cot (no longer our bed!). Listen to this woman. It can be hard work but for a short time and is well worth it in the end. You will be rested and sane and enjoy your children more.

Tina Wyatt

- Jun 25, 2017

The Baby Whisperer!

Charmian was a godsend on our new family, yet I regret not having booked her earlier on in the pregnancy as Archibald typically decided to make an entrance ahead of schedule. He wasn’t the healthiest newborn and could only be bottle fed, yet C did wonders in tailoring a healthy routine to a delicate child. Her core focus to creating a sleep routine is to do so in a safe and healthy manner so it is effective and a strong starting platform for the child’s future. C starts from the baby’s core, the digestive system, and works outwards. Only Charmian can do this! Now we have a very big healthy happy bundle! Only do this if routine is for you. It was hardcore but worth its weight in gold. The baby does not play up as he know he is secure and looked after. Sleep is key and his memory seems to serve him better than it does us! C will support and guide you through a spectrum of areas pre and post baby, and a pleasure to be around. We felt at a loss when her time was up but gained a long distance friend for life.

Charmian, we can not thank you enough.

Oli and Katie Goad


- Apr 24, 2017

Charmian came to join us 10 days after my first baby was born. My partner and I didn\’t have a clue what to do – particularly as there is so much conflicting advice out there – and our daughter was a very hungry, windy baby and she wanted to feed throughout the day and night continuously. Charmian was able to transform our lives with her sleeping baby routine – both during the days and the nights. The routine is structured and requires full engagement from the parents – which can be challenging at times – but it does allow for greater flexibility in the future. The best thing about it is that it is tailored to your baby\’s specific needs and temperament.

Charmian has a wealth of knowledge about everything baby and has helped us in every way … from what equipment we should buy, teaching us how our baby develops and the different stages and what to expect, showing us tricks to keep our baby engaged and stimulated, different feeding techniques, mothers milk supply etc etc … as well as all the sleeping, winding and feeding aspects. We wouldn\’t have been able to ensure our daughter is as happy and as well adjusted as she is without Charmian. Our daughter enjoys her playtime during the day… happily entertaining herself (and us!)… and she sleeps much better at night without needing continuous feeding.

Charmian was with us for 7.5 weeks and was a delight to have around – fun (& silly!), energetic, warm, and loving towards our baby. She is direct and confident with her methods and we trusted that everything she does is in the interest of us and our daughter. We learned an enormous amount from her and wish we could keep her in our family for every stage of our daughters development.

We would highly recommend her and would definitely want her to come back to help us with future babies as every baby is different.


- Apr 10, 2017

I thought I really need to leave a comment after reading Charmaine’s website. I don’t know her personally but I got aware of her website through my brother in law. He had to sacrifice a lot as he was not able to see his wife in the first few months after me giving birth. I needed all help I could get from my family, as we hadn’t had a baby in our family for a long time.
We all struggled with a newborn, sleepless nights, constant crying, exhausted baby, granny, auntie and parents.
Charmaine’s website was recommended to my brother in law and I have to say, it was a life saver. Such an informative website… How am I supposed to know about all those routines?!? Swaddling?
Thanks a lot and looking forward to meeting you very soon.

Mitra Kashani

- Apr 4, 2017

Twins and a toddler in the baking summer

Charmian helped us back in 2014 with our first son Charlie and was fantastic so when we found out that we were having twins she was pretty much the first person we called!! She came to help us in July one week after Archie and Islay were born. Islay was tiny when she was born and was really struggling to feed but Charmian soon sorted her out and made it possible for me to breast feed both of them for which I am really grateful. She put us into her amazing routine again whilst battling a heat wave. Her routine is brilliant – it works just as well for two babies as one and is flexible enough to work around family life. The twins slept through for the first time at about 6 weeks and although we have had a few issues along the way with illness etc her ongoing consultation has always got us back on track – she has an amazing ability to spot what you are doing wrong and put you back on track. The best thing is that there is no controlled crying or what I hear other people describe as sleep training. The routine helps the babies to learn how to sleep themselves from a very young age so they are always satisfied and happy and you always know what the day has in store for you. Thank you Charmian for working your magic again and for being there at the other end of the phone to support us.

The Lerner Family

- Mar 24, 2017

Charmian did a wonderful job helping us look after our baby. As Itan is our first child we wanted to learn and Charmian taught us a huge amount in a very indirect, unassuming way. Her extensive knowledge and experience has helped us immensely. She is highly professional, passionate about her work and committed. Easy to get along with. She has just the right balance of firmness and love. And most importantly, Charmian instilled me with the confidence I needed to carry on without her on the very sad day that she left. We’ve been thrilled to have her help. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Maja xxx

Charmie and Itan

- Mar 1, 2017

Charmian was recommended to me by a friend from my antenatal group who had her babies sleeping through at 8 weeks. I had no idea this was even possible! A prompt phone call followed and we engaged Charmian for a consultation. She showed us lots of useful techniques along with a straight forward routine for our twins. The next two weeks were a huge challenge and at times we questioned if we could do this however Charmian was always on the end of the phone or text to provide support and guidance. Within a few weeks our twins were sleeping from 7pm – 7am. AMAZING!!. Charmian gave us the confidence and techniques to progress from a 4 hour feeding routine to sleeping through and we would never have got there without her support. I have learnt so much along the way and getting the extra sleep has meant it’s no longer survival but a completely rewarding and enjoyable journey.
Thank you!
The Kirk Family

Jacqui Kirk

- Feb 16, 2016

Charmain is totally amazing – whenever I tell people that my baby slept through, from 730pm till 6.30am the night on her 1 month birthday they always look astounded and a bit incredulous…but its true! And we haven’t looked back. The first question I get asked is “so I suppose it involves a whole lot of controlled crying?” to which the answer is NO! I have to say Charmian has such a lovely way with babies I don’t think she could do lots of controlled crying even if she wanted to… and anyway its not necessary! Her routine is simple, a little bit flexible and HIGHLY effective. Babies love it, mums love it, I can’t recommend her highly enough. She is fabulous (and super fun to have around). Thank you Charmian. x

Claire Macmillan

- Feb 12, 2016

Thank you

I sent Charmian a 3 day diary and she was immediately able to identify some easy changes that made a big difference. Then she worked with me via phone/email over a couple of weeks to help me get my 10-week old onto an easy routine, troubleshoot napping problems, and give very practical tips on feeding, settling, stimulating and everything else.

We haven’t done a night feed for a week now – long may it continue!

And I feel like I finally have some predictability, which means i know when to invite visitors over (whereas before I had no idea if she would be eating, napping, happy or cranky).

Charmian is very supportive on the other end of the phone; she points out where I’m doing well and always helps me with practical solutions.


- Nov 19, 2015

I am a mother of 3 and had Charmian come to help me for 3 weeks with my third baby. I wish I had discovered her before! She was wonderful with all 3 children, and straight away brought structure and sleep to my third baby (and me). This was very important as I have quite a lot to juggle with my two older ones at two different schools. She is fun to be around, very caring about the baby and whole family (encouraging me to rest, making me nutricious smoothies etc), and generally full of great tips and advice. She made the whole experience of having a newborn so much easier, and when she left my daughter (who is in the photo on the main page of this website) was sleeping through the night, which was amazing! We miss Charmian! I couldn\’t recommend her more highly.


- Nov 19, 2015


When we discovered at our 12 week scan that we were unexpectedly expecting triplets, one of the first things I did whilst getting over the shock was to look into maternity nurses – we were definitely going to need help this time.

Charmian was recommended to us by local friends with very high praise. I spoke to several maternity nurses in my search and Charmian offered the right blend of hands on directional guidance that I wanted – i.e. Someone very experienced who could get us into a solid routine quickly whilst showing us how to do it ourselves so we could manage once she was gone, and her expertise in sleep was key to us with the energy levels needed for triplets and a toddler.

We have thoroughly enjoyed having Charmian with us – she has such a wealth of knowledge, a real hands on and energetic approach and is fun to be with. Her routine delivers results and can be tweaked to fit the situation e.g. Timings to work alongside our toddler’s routine. She arrived when our girls were three weeks old (and were 5 weeks premature) and they have now slept through from 8pm – 7am for the last week at 7-8 weeks old. Amazing!

Charmian is also very supportive of breastfeeding and advised me on breast milk production, diet, pumping and encouraging me to rest regularly to help reinvigorate myself and milk supply when I was particularly tired. She also makes a great protein smoothie!

We can 100% recommend Charmian.

Susie & Oli

Susie Hemming

- Oct 28, 2015

Two v different births, and babies, and yet the routine is designed to work for both. C is a master at tweaking and adapting it to the baby and focuses on drilling YOU on how to look after them. It takes patience and dedication but YOU end up confidently knowing what to do. I particularly appreciated learning the winding techniques which have been invaluable for two very different windy babies!
C is a pleasure to have in the house. Our toddler adores her and we have all (husband somewhat grudgingly to begin with) been converted to her smoothies! Her bright, positive attitude and boundless energy have been really tested this time around, Baby, Mum Dad and C all got the cold the toddler brought back from school (terrible timing), but she has smiled on through which has hugely helped us to do the same.
She will be much missed, but she must move on to work her magic elsewhere. Lucy.

If you’re reading this looking for a reference, there is nothing to say other than you will not find a better way (or person), to get the latest addition(s) to your family off on the right foot.
The benefits of a content and sleeping baby are not just to the baby, but extend to the whole family.
Thank you, Charmian, for helping me retain my sanity. PK.

PK and Lucy

- Jul 6, 2015

Charmian was an absolute delight to work with. She came to work with us for 3 weeks and made a huge difference. She develops a bespoke routine for your baby and is extremely knowledgeable, she knows the answer to every baby related question! Our daughter slept through the night at 16 days old, which is quite an achievement! She really instils confidence in you as a new parent and encourages you along. We couldn’t have navigated our way through the first 3 newborn weeks without her, she is an amazing maternity nurse. Thank you so much Charmian!

Rachel Richards

- Jul 6, 2015

Twins Sleeping Through by 7 Weeks!

We were recommended Charmian by a fellow South West Twins Club member. Charmie came to us when our twin girls were 3 weeks old, stayed with us for almost 4 weeks and before she left our girls were sleeping from 8pm through to almost 7am! AMAZING. Some early mornings one of our girls does wake earlier but does go back to sleep.

What I loved about Charmian, apart from her down to earth very positive approach, is that she tailors her routine to your individual needs. I had a traumatic birth and a poor start to breast feeding in hospital and as a result have had low milk supply issues but desperately wanted to breast feed. Charmian really helped me and supported me to breast feed the girls; for example she worked lots of pumps into my routine on top of breast feeding to boost my supply and encouraged me to eat well and drink lots.

I learned so much from Charmian and grew in confidence as a new Mum. I knew very little about babies before she came so had a steep learning curve but Charmian made it very manageable for us and now we feel we are in control. I cried the morning she left us as I knew I would really miss her. She is an amazingly knowledgable maternity nurse and also someone I now consider a friend for life.

Tina Wyatt

Tina Wyatt

- Apr 27, 2015

The wonderful Charmian visits again!

Literally the first person we told when we found out we were pregnant for the second time was Charmian. We were determined to do everything we could to ensure that she was available and could come again and help us out, just as she had done so brilliantly with our first baby!

I honestly can’t recommend her highly enough – not only did she work her magic again with our baby, getting her into a great day time routine and night time sleeping pattern, but she also went even further this time, giving great advice on topics such as how to juggle two children and fit their routines around each other, how to deal with toddler tantrums, potty training, good associations with eating, and so much more. She was even happy to give me some absolutely fantastic nutritional advice!!!

My husband works very long hours during the weekdays which means that from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to sleep again, the responsibility of child care falls exclusively to me, so I was really hoping for advice and solutions as to how to make my day as stress free both physically and emotionally as possible. Not only did Charmian give me amazing advice around potentially stressful points in the day for me such as at mealtimes, getting dressed in the mornings and bath time, I would even go as far as to say that my days now feel pretty relaxed and are really enjoyable!

As well as Charmian’s incredible skill and genuine love for children, my baby, toddler and I have all absolutely loved spending time with her and she will be hugely missed in our household when she leaves tomorrow.

I definitely hope to stay in touch and let her know what my children are up to and if we do decide to have any more, I wouldn’t hesitate to ask Charmian back again!

Thank you so much Charmian!
Kate & Graham

Kate Bishop

- Feb 19, 2015


‘We can’t thank Charmian enough for all her help. She came to us for a week when our son Harry was 9 weeks old. We were desperate to get him sleeping through the night and within two days of Charmian arriving Harry was sleeping through. He suffered from tongue tie and reflux and feeding was very problematic. With Charmian’s help we got Harry onto a teat that best suited him and finally managed to increase his volumes so that we no longer needed to feed in the night. We have never looked back and Harry is a much happier little boy now he is getting enough milk and sleep!’

We are doing well, made the nightime transition to the cot and he has done two nights in a row…next step is to move away from the swaddle but going to give the cot a bit longer and get through his next set of jabs which are on friday! Hope all is well with you.

Clare xxx

Clare Kennedy

- Feb 17, 2015

Charmian was an absolute delight to work with. She came to work with us for 3 weeks and made a huge difference. She develops a bespoke routine for your baby and is extremely knowledgeable, she knows the answer to every baby related question! Our daughter slept through the night at 16 days old, which is quite an achievement! She really instils confidence in you as a new parent and encourages you along. We couldn’t have navigated our way through the first 3 newborn weeks without her, she is an amazing maternity nurse. Thank you so much Charmian!

Rachel and Oliver Richards, Clapham, London.

Rachel and Oliver

- Feb 11, 2015

Saved from sleepless nights!

Hi Charmian, I just wanted to let you know that your techniques worked like a dream and we are enjoying our new addition so much more now we all get the right amount of sleep!

If your wondering whether to use Charmians services – stop loseing sleep over it and give her a call!


- Jan 30, 2015

Thanks, many many THANKS to you Charmian!!

I followed your tips about leaving the baby without jumping on her at the very first signs and it worked!!

I swapped with my wife and I am now doing the night, giving a boost of milk only between 2 and 3 am, pretty much the only time she truly wakes up, and it’s going really well. I followed your tips also on how to put the baby down, gradually reducing the rocking on my arms and that’s working too!!!

I am very happy now, my wife is finally getting a bit of rest and the baby seems very very happy!!!!
Meeting you at The Proud Archivist has been really helpful and receiving such clear and no-non-sense advice from an expert like you, has made my life much easier and pleasant.



- Jan 29, 2015

Hi Charmian, i wanted to write a post here to thank you. Charlie was born in March and you stayed for two weeks which we thoroughly enjoyed. You arrived to find us in a bit of a pickle and within hours had sorted us out. As other people have said, your routine is fab and so easy to follow. It is a great structure but there is enough flexibility to let Mum and Dad lead a relatively normal life!

Charlie slept through the night from about 8 weeks and has been a brilliant sleeper ever since. Since May, we have had very few broken nights and therefore have loved every minute of being parents and have been well rested to enjoy it. i feel that we have a great foundation for the early years and it is amazing not to have to worry about his sleeping.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Charmian to anyone reading this, she is very experienced and what she does really works. Thank you and hopefully there will be a next time so we can see you again!


- Jan 23, 2015